Chania is located on the northwestern coast of Crete. It is a historic seaside town, iconic for its Venetian harbour, historical landmarks, and stunning beaches. At the beaches near Chania, you can find golden sand, crystal water and many activities to enjoy. No matter what type of holiday you are planning for, Chania offers the best beach experiences in Crete. In this post, we will guide you through our top picks of beaches in Chania and also the best accommodations on Crete that will guarantee to make your holiday relaxing and memorable. 

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The alluring coastlines of Chania

Apart from being a charming Greek town on the island of Crete, Chania is a paradise for beach lovers. There are a variety of different types of beaches in Chania that can appeal to you depending on the type of holiday you desire. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly beach, a peaceful cove, or a wild party experience, there is a specific spot just for you!

The coastline of Chania is on the northwest side of the island of Crete, about 145 kilometres west of Heraklion. During the summer months, you can expect temperatures to hover around 35 °C, while spring and autumn have milder weather. The good news is that you can enjoy the beach almost any time of the year!

Top beaches in Chania

Each one of Chania’s beaches has its charm, perfect for a variety of activities to enjoy while on holiday. Some offer full amenities like chair and umbrella rentals, while others require you to pack a picnic lunch. But, no matter what, the best beaches in Chania all have one thing in common: beautiful crystalline waters.

Here are our top picks for the best beaches near Chania Crete:

Agii Apostoli Beach

Known as the “Holy Apostles” beach, it is located only 3 km away from the city centre of Chania. This is a lovely and tranquil cove with calm waters, perfect for families or anyone looking to relax.

There are plenty of amenities found here, such as umbrella and sunbed rentals and there is even a large car park for convenient and stress-free travel and parking. Additionally, you can access the beach by public transit, biking or even walking.

There is a nearby park with pine trees to offer you a shady escape and a small chapel, where the beach’s name comes from. You can also enjoy lunch and drinks as there are plenty of bars and tavernas easily accessible from the shoreline.

Agii Apostoli Beach​

Nea Chora Beach

Translating to new town, Nea Chora is just a short walk away from Chania, about 10 minutes from the Venitian Harbour by foot. There is an urban feel to this beach as it has plenty of cafes, ice cream shops and restaurants nearby on the promenade. It is an ideal beach for anyone looking to take a dip in the sea after exploring the historical city of Chania.

The promenade is perfect for strolling in the morning or the evening before dinner. You can even find local fishmongers selling the catch of the day right by the seaside.

Nea Chora Beach​

Agia Marina Beach

This beach is much better suited for the partying crowd. It is a hotspot for tourists and has a lively atmosphere full of beach bars and clubs along the shoreline.

Water sports, including jet skiing and parasailing, can be enjoyed here, while those who prefer to sip on a cocktail can do so at many of the beach clubs. There is also the annual Chania Beach Party that takes place in August at the Agia Marina.

Playa de Agia Marina​

Loutraki Beach

On the contrary, if tranquillity and peace are what you are looking for, then Loutraki Beach is your go-to place. This beach is smaller and less crowded than most of the others on our list but has stunning blue waters within the bay.

There are plenty of beach bars selling snacks and drinks while rental shops with snorkelling equipment for hire are also found here. Loutraki Beach is a great spot to lay out and have a relaxing dip in the Mediterranean.

Loutraki Beach​

Paralia Macherida

The ideal spot for couples looking to escape the loud crowds of busier beaches, Paralia Macherida is a less developed beach that doesn’t have as many amenities as many of the other beaches in Chania.

So make sure to pack snacks, and water and bring comfortable walking shoes so that you can access the beach through the rocky path.

Getting to the beach itself also requires a car, but you will have to park it on the roadside and walk to the beach. Alternatively, we suggest taking a taxi here.

It is important to note that this beach is frequented by nudists, so make sure that you are comfortable with that before heading to Paralia Macherida.


Paralia Macherida​

Your beach paradise awaits you in Chania

The many beaches in Chania offer an amazing variety of options for any type of beachgoer – from family-friendly spots, full of fun water activities and calm waters to bustling city beaches with bars and clubs that spill into a lively nightlife – staying in Chania, Crete is the ideal summer holiday getaway.

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