Crete is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean and the largest of the Greek islands. It is famous for its beaches and nature, but the nightlife in Crete is also worth mentioning!

In this post, we will highlight some of the best nightlife in Crete. Our guide will include nightclubs, beach bars, and high-end cocktail lounges, perfect for everyone to enjoy no matter where you are on the island!

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The best places to enjoy Crete's vibrant nightlife

The nightlife scene in Crete is energetic and diverse, offering many different options for everyone’s preferences. If you’re in the mood for clubbing, relaxing by the beach, or sipping on a fancy cocktail, Crete has a place just for you. Each town has its unique nightlife spots, attracting locals and tourists.

Here are some of our top picks to experience the best nightlife in Crete:

Heraklion: The Labyrinth Lounge Bar

The Labyrinth Lounge Bar is located on the north coast of Crete, about 16 kilometres from the city centre of Heraklion. This lounge bar is an elegant venue and our top pick for a romantic night out. You have stunning views of the lagoon and sea from your table or lounge chairs. The bar is popular and well-known as an elite lounge and cocktail bar, with live music events nightly.

A popular drink choice is their signature cocktail, called the sundowner. Enjoy this spot with your partner or friends for a relaxed and sophisticated evening out in Heraklion!

Chania: Mylos Club

For the best nightlife in Chania Crete, Mylos Club is a unique venue. It is located near the old Venetian Harbour and is a mix of a pool bar and nightclub. There are outdoor and indoor entertainment areas, making it an ideal summer spot to enjoy nightlife in Crete.

The indoor nightclub is what you would expect from any high-energy venue. Top DJs are playing throughout the summer, with amazing light shows and sound systems. We highly suggest calling ahead of time to book a table/bottle service as this is a popular nightlife spot in Chania. This is your ideal location to party with friends into the early morning hours!

Chania Mylos Club​

Malia: Candy Club Malia

Malia is a popular holiday town located on the northern coast of Crete. It’s well-known for its vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches. Along the main strip, there are many bars, restaurants and clubs, providing a lively atmosphere along the street. A popular spot is Candy Club Malia. The club opened in 2008 and has state-of-the-art facilities for hardcore partygoers. It has won the “Best Club Award” consistently and has multiple levels, and dance floors and hosts some of the summer’s best events.

There is a VIP section available here, with three bars and two dance floors. Reservations are highly recommended, as evenings with guest DJs require pre-purchased tickets. There are multiple events held throughout the summer including boat parties, Champagne spray parties and UV Raves. You can check out the event listings here.

Candy Club Malia

Agios Nikolaos: Ammos Beach Bar

Ammos Beach Bar is on the sandy shores of Agios Nikolaos, only 500 metres south of Lake Voulismeni. This beachfront location gives the bar a stunning view of the sea and is the ideal spot for relaxing during the day and into the evening.

You can rent beach chairs and lounge all day on the sand while enjoying some great Greek food and drinks, along with DJ sets. Once the sun sets, the party doesn’t end there. Ammos Beach Bar transforms into a lounge perfect for sipping a drink while the sun goes down.

Ammos Beach Bar

Rethymno: Plateia Rimondi Square & Baroque

Found in the historic city centre of Rethymno, Plateia Rimondi Square is located near the popular Rimondi Fountain. This is a busy and exciting area of the city and has many locals and tourists strolling around and enjoying the atmosphere. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and lounges found here, including the Baroque. It is a sophisticated bar, with vintage-inspired decor. 

They offer a wide variety of cocktails and a complete menu, all with beautiful views of the sea. It’s the perfect location for dinner out with friends, that trickles into a few relaxing drinks.

Nightlife Crete

The best area in Crete for nightlife

There are plenty of vibrant nightlife areas all around the island of Crete. Whether you are looking for a high-intensity nightclub, relaxing beach bar or chic cocktail lounge, you can always find something that will appeal to you.

Our suggestion when planning your holiday is to think about the type of trip you want to have. Are you going to enjoy the beach? Learn about the history and culture of the island, or are you planning on experiencing the best nightlife in Crete?

This will help determine which city or area of Crete is ideal for you. If you want an energetic nightlife experience, then Malia is an ideal choice for you. It caters to a younger crowd and is a hotspot for partygoers.

For the best overall nightlife experience in Crete, Heraklion is highly recommended. As the largest city in Crete, you have a wide variety of nightlife options. The majority of the venues are in the city centre, but of course, you can find many cocktail bars and beach clubs along the seaside.

Come experience Crete's legendary nightlife

As you can see, the nightlife in Crete is diverse and offers something for all. No matter where you are on the island, you are sure to find a great place to eat, drink and dance the night away.

One thing that you shouldn’t skip when planning your Greek holiday, is the perfect accommodation. Choosing a location that fits all of your needs and is near to all your favourite spots is vital for a stress-free and fun trip to Crete. With Oreo Travel, there is a wide variety of apartments and villas across the island, ensuring a comfortable stay. With options near all the best nightlife in Crete, you can easily explore the island by day and party by night.