Heraklion, the capital city of Crete, hosts a lively nightlife. Apart from being a historic city, with beautiful architecture at every turn, the city transforms at sunset into a night owl’s dream destination. From chic cocktail bars and beach bars to nightclubs and pubs, Heraklion has diverse entertainment options.

In this post, we’ll share our favourite places to visit while in Heraklion at night. We’ll include some tips so that your evenings can be enjoyed hassle-free, making sure that you take in all the best aspects of the Cretan experience, for the top enjoyment of nightlife in Heraklion.

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Best bars and clubs in Heraklion

What’s great about Heraklion, are all the different options of nightlife available. If you prefer a sophisticated night out, there are plenty of stylish bars with expert mixologists. If you prefer a more lively experience, the city brings some of Europe’s best DJs to its nightclubs each week. There are live music halls that showcase local talent, both in modern and traditional Greek styles.

Here are our top picks for a fun night out in Heraklion:

Envy Cafe Club

Envy Cafe Club is a trendy hotspot located by the seaside in Heraklion. It is a bar, club and restaurant that offers a wide variety of brunch and dinner options, including sushi. It’s a favourite among both locals and tourists, especially in the summer months.

There is a large selection of cocktails available at Envy Cafe Club, with live music and DJ sets scheduled for every day of the week. It has a chill-out vibe, perfect for relaxing by the seaside and is exceptionally beautiful during sunset. Ideal for groups of friends or couples, you are surely set to love the ambience created here.

Envy Cafe Club​

Island of Desire

If you are looking for a chic and sexy night out with friends, Island of Desire is your ideal destination. This stylish outdoor music club is located along the seaside, with a large outdoor terrace, making it a prime location for party-goers who like the lively atmosphere along with sea views.

Island of Desire hosts a variety of DJs and themed nights every day of the week, so make sure to check out their summer schedule of performers.

This club appeals to a younger crowd, mixed with both locals and tourists. It’s highly recommended that you call and reserve ahead of time, as this is a popular location.


Xalavro Open Bar (Bar-Restaurant)

Xalavro Open Bar is a unique bar-restaurant combo that is located in the heart of Heraklion’s city centre. Ideal for anyone who truly appreciates the art of mixology, as Xalavro hosts guest bartenders who are famous for their one-of-a-kind drinks.

Xalavro Open Bar also serves delicious meals from brunch and Asian-Mediterranean fusion-inspired street food snacks, like bao buns and croquettes. The restaurant and bar house a warm atmosphere within the city, with tables, bars and stools and a stunning terrace for eating and drinking with friends. There is a laid-back atmosphere here, with its priority set on high-quality cocktails and service.


The Bitters

The Bitters is a must-visit destination for exotic cocktail enthusiasts. The bar itself is like a scene straight out of The Great Gatsby and has an upscale, sophisticated vibe.

You can find traditional drinks like Moscow Mules and an Old Fashioned to innovative cocktails by their featured mixologists. We recommend stopping by for a drink before you head to dinner, or even for a quick nightcap.


Bofor Music Stage

Located near the old Venetian Harbour, Bofor Music Stage is a music venue, renowned for showcasing local talent and a variety of music genres. On any given night you can find performances by rock bands, pop groups and even traditional Greek music.

This is a more laid-back venue, meant for music lovers who are interested in discovering new talent.


2elve Club

2elve Club is one of Heraklion’s most popular nightclubs. It hosts special events, guest DJs and themed parties throughout the summer and is always a popular option with locals. 

If you are going with a larger group, we suggest you book a private table with bottle service ahead of time as crowds and lines can get large.


Stylvie Bar

Stylvie Bar is a go-to nightlife venue popular with the young and stylish. The bar has a relaxed and elegant vibe, perfect for a quiet night out with friends or a romantic evening with your partner. There is a large selection of fine wines and cocktails.

It’s important to note that this bar is only open during the winter season, usually hosting its closing party in late April.


Tips for going out in Heraklion

  • Plan your venues: Research top spots like 2elve Club and Stylvie Bar to prepurchase tickets or reserve a table ahead of time.
  • Dress smart: Many clubs have dress codes, so aim for smart-casual attire.
  • Try local drinks: Sample local specialities like raki or ouzo.
  • Plan transport: Luckily, Heraklion is well connected and you get around the city centre to the seaside easily.
  • Explore areas: Visit different nightlife districts, ranging from the beach and harbour to the historic centre.

Your night out in Heraklion

Visiting Crete offers so much more than historic towns and beautiful beaches. The city of Heraklion has many exciting nightlife options, from high-energy clubs to relaxing beach bars and live music venues. Going out with friends for a fun celebration or a romantic night out sipping on cocktails, there is something for every taste in Heraklion.

To make the most of your night out, it’s crucial to plan. Knowing where you want to go and what to expect can turn a good night into a great one. So, when planning your holiday to Heraklion, trust Oreo Travel for all of your accommodation needs. With great options near all the prime nightlife spots in Heraklion, you’re always close to the action.