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Valid from 26/5/2018

1. Introduction

We use technologies at,,, ("Website") to collect information that helps us improve your online experience.

In this Cookie Policy, we refer to these technologies, which include cookies, pixels and gifs, jointly "cookies". This policy explains the different types of cookies used on the Site and how they are controlled. We reserve the right to change this cookie policy at any time. Check at the top of this page to see when this Cookie Policy applies. Any changes to this Cookie Policy will apply as soon as the revised Cookie Policy becomes available on the Site. Considering the use of Cookies, you can enjoy better browsing of the site. We hope that this policy helps you understand and feel more secure about our use of cookies. If you have any further questions, please contact us at

2. What is a Cookie

Cookies are small text files that are installed on your computer, on your tablet, on your mobile, and generally on the device you are browsing through Oreo Travel websites. They are widely used to make websites work better and more efficiently. They can do this because websites can read and write these files, enabling them to recognize and remember important information that will make the internet use easier for you (for example, memorizing user preferences).

3. What kind of cookies we use

Here is a list of different types of Cookies that we may use on the Site.

Essential Cookies. These cookies are important to our site so that we can browse and use its capabilities. Without these absolutely necessary Cookies, we may not be able to provide specific services or features and our site will not work as smoothly as you want.

Essential Cookies on this Site may include:





Session cookie




Performance Cookies. Performance cookies, sometimes referred to as analytics cookies, collect information about your use of this website and allow us to improve its functionality. For example, performance cookies show us which pages are most frequently visited on the website, allows us to see the total usage patterns on the Website, helps us to record any difficulties you encounter with the Website.

Performance Cookies on this Site may include:





Google Analytics


Google Analytics


Google Analytics

Function Cookies. In some cases, we may use Function Cookies. Function Cookies allow us to remember the choices you make on our Website and provide more enriched / enhanced and more personalized features. All of these features help us improve your visit to our Website.

Function Cookies on this Site may include:





Keeps the most recent properties viewed by the visitor (Recently viewed)


AddThis social media sharing


AddThis social media sharing


Zopim chat

Flash Cookies. In some cases, we may use AdobeFlash Player to display specific content such as video clips or animation. To improve user experience, Local Shared Objects (Local Shared Objects) (commonly known as the «Flash Cookies») used to provide functions such as remembering your settings and preferences. Flash Cookies are stored on your device, but they are managed through an interface other than that provided by your web browser. This means that you can not manage Browser Flash Cookies in the same way that cookies will be handled. Instead, you can access the Flash program management tools directly from the Adobe website. The Adobe website provides detailed information on how to delete or deactivate Flash Cookies - see for further information. Be aware that if you do not activate or deactivate or dispose of Flash cookies for this Site, you may not have the ability to access certain features, such as video contents or services that require your signature.

Targeted or Advertising Cookies. We and our service providers may use Targeted or Promotional Cookies to serve ads that we believe are most relevant to you and your interests. For example, we may use targeted or advertising cookies to limit the frequency of viewing the same ad on our Site and to help us measure the effectiveness of promotional activities. These cookies remember what you have seen on our Web site and we can share this information with other organizations, such as advertisers.

For more information about your targeted and advertising cookies and how to leave, you can visit or

4. Third parties using cookies on our websites

In some cases, we may work with third parties to provide services to our Website. Third-party advertisers and other businesses may use their own Cookies to collect information about your activities on our Site and / or the ads you have selected. This information can be used by them to provide ads that they believe may very well be relevant to your content based on the content you've seen. Third-party advertisers can also use this information to measure the effectiveness of their ads. We do not control these Cookies and to disable or reject Third Party Cookies, please refer to the third party's website. You can also learn more about checking cookies in the section below.

5. How can you control cookies?

You may not allow or deny the acceptance of Cookies from this Site at any time, either by not activating the relevant settings in your browser, or by activating the setting in your browser that allows you to discard them.

You may refuse to accept Flash Cookies from this Website using the Adobe Flash management tools at flashplayer. More information about the procedure you need to follow to disable cookies if you have them turned on can be found on the web browser's website through the help window.

You may want to visit for information on the most frequently used browsers.

Please keep in mind that if cookies are not enabled or disabled, it is likely that all features of the Site will not work as intended.

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